How do I add a trendline in Excel? So much fun!

Earlier today I answered a question on Quora:

While the simplest answer is to click Add Chart Components > Trendline > More Trendline Options, I created a video to explain the whole process.

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3 Courses to Learn Lettering with Procreate

Earlier today my Instagram friend Vallisdero asked me for suggestions on the best way to learn Procreate for her iPad so I decided to do a little digging. My results for the top 3 courses you should take to learn everything about lettering with Procreate are below.

Since Vallisdero specializes in calligraphy but is just getting started with Procreate I decided to ask designer and letterer Jennifer Grieve (fueled by letters) what her suggestions were. Her answer was simple: Check Youtube. This video by James Julier is probably the best place for anyone to get started if you just want to watch and follow along. As this isn’t particularly a course, consider it a freebie.

I’ve been a fan of the courses on Skillshare for over a year now, so it was a natural place to start looking for tutorials.

1. Digital Illustration Learn To Use Procreate (Free)

Image of an Archer by Jarom Vogel
Archer by Jarom Vogel

This first tutorial is a free course by illustrator Jarom Vogel and focuses on illustrating while learning the basics of the interface, different settings, and different brushes. My wife won an iPad earlier this year and I can’t wait to try out some of the techniques Jarom shows off. You can’t go wrong with free courses.

2. 3d Lettering in Procreate

Next, a bit of 3D lettering by my favourite Skillshare instructor/artist Teela Cunningham, host of the site where she provides freebies, tutorials, and incredible bundles.

She’s just released this new course so there aren’t a lot of students yet, but her Master course on font making was absolutely phenomenal (although honestly I’m *still* not done going through all the content yet). She also has a course on metallic textures in Photoshop which is really what got me started back into design in a big way. Thank you Teela!

3. Intro to Lettering with Procreate

Finally, I’m taking a bit of an educated risk here by going with Juniper Calligraphy‘s Intro to Lettering. Of course after visiting her Insta, you’ll see why it’s really not that big of risk. Wow is she good!

I’ve wanted to put together a list of great courses for a while now, so follow me on Instagram and drop me a comment about content you want to see. Leave a comment below too.