Posting Art To Society6

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I’ve tried my hand at designing t-shirts. I have a number of t-shirt designs available on under my brand called Double Dagger Tees, so I’m sort of part of the t-shirt design industry. It is a big help for training creative software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape as I have a bit of insight into business and design. I also have some items posted at Society6 as Double Dagger Studio.

One of the great things about Society6 is the range of products they offer for print-on-demand, although I recently read they specifically focus on home decor.

It’s essentially mid-august and many of us are already thinking about back-to-school… whether we’re teachers or parents! 🙂 So if you want to start the term of right, check out this great mug design by Becky Betancourt.

ColoredPencils Mug by beckybetancourt

Have you ever wanted to sell your own art, or maybe a product you came up with for helping other teachers? Let me know in the comments.

3 Courses to Learn Lettering with Procreate

Earlier today my Instagram friend Vallisdero asked me for suggestions on the best way to learn Procreate for her iPad so I decided to do a little digging. My results for the top 3 courses you should take to learn everything about lettering with Procreate are below.

Since Vallisdero specializes in calligraphy but is just getting started with Procreate I decided to ask designer and letterer Jennifer Grieve (fueled by letters) what her suggestions were. Her answer was simple: Check Youtube. This video by James Julier is probably the best place for anyone to get started if you just want to watch and follow along. As this isn’t particularly a course, consider it a freebie.

I’ve been a fan of the courses on Skillshare for over a year now, so it was a natural place to start looking for tutorials.

1. Digital Illustration Learn To Use Procreate (Free)

Image of an Archer by Jarom Vogel
Archer by Jarom Vogel

This first tutorial is a free course by illustrator Jarom Vogel and focuses on illustrating while learning the basics of the interface, different settings, and different brushes. My wife won an iPad earlier this year and I can’t wait to try out some of the techniques Jarom shows off. You can’t go wrong with free courses.

2. 3d Lettering in Procreate

Next, a bit of 3D lettering by my favourite Skillshare instructor/artist Teela Cunningham, host of the site where she provides freebies, tutorials, and incredible bundles.

She’s just released this new course so there aren’t a lot of students yet, but her Master course on font making was absolutely phenomenal (although honestly I’m *still* not done going through all the content yet). She also has a course on metallic textures in Photoshop which is really what got me started back into design in a big way. Thank you Teela!

3. Intro to Lettering with Procreate

Finally, I’m taking a bit of an educated risk here by going with Juniper Calligraphy‘s Intro to Lettering. Of course after visiting her Insta, you’ll see why it’s really not that big of risk. Wow is she good!

I’ve wanted to put together a list of great courses for a while now, so follow me on Instagram and drop me a comment about content you want to see. Leave a comment below too.

New ‘Block’ Editor for WordPress

It’s been a while since I had access to my email for this domain, but now that I’m back I’m updating the backend of the site.

After updating to the newest version of WordPress, I’ve come across the new block editor which allows for a more intuitive and streamlined way to create web content. If you’ve used Adobe Spark or even a bit of Facebook Workplace, you’ll be familiar with the interface of adding blocks.

The title and body text of this page are from a default block without adding anything. The image below is also added without a block — the feature is already sitting on the page for editing.

The “Add block” button in the new editor for WordPress

A basic blockquote can be added as a block along with other features.

I’m itching to write about tutorials for Procreate, so for now that is all about the new editor in WordPress 5.0.

If you want to help me out with creating more tutorial material, sign up with Skillshare and I’ll get a bonus to use on tutorials so I can learn more, to teach more!

Article On “Human Capital” Analytics

I’ve never really like the term human capital to refer to the people that work in an organization. Human power is definitely a resource that any organization needs to sustain itself, there’s no doubt about that.startup-photos

This article by Mike Hruska, President and CEO of Problem Solutions along with Phil Antonelli — now a senior learning manager at RNA Group in Denver — discusses mobile devices to collect performance data as well as xAPI — an experience application programming interface for learning analytics which could replace SCORM.

Read more at the E-Learning Brothers blog:

Simplest Pinhole Camera to see the Solar Eclipse in Toronto or Waterloo

There is definitely a lot of talk about today’s eclipse, and this info is probably coming to you a bit late but there is a simple way to view the total solar eclipse (or in my region of Canada, it will be a partial solar eclipse).

My wife and I used this technique for the partial eclipse that was visible in Waterloo a couple of years ago (2014 I think).

To view the eclipse without special equipment, you simply need a piece of paper or thin cardstock such as a business card or even a cereal box.

  • Poke a hole in the centre of the card.


This is not for looking through! It is used to create a projection of the sun and moon’s shadow onto another card or even a wall if you have one in the right position.

  • Keep your back to the sun.

Light from the sun will shine through the hole and onto a surface such as a wall or another card or sheet of paper.

  • Take a photo or trace the image.

This would be a great way to demonstrate the eclipse to children in a classroom or as a keepsake for your kids.

Check out these links for more details on how to take photos of the total solar eclipse or how to make a pinhole projector you can use in the classroom or at home.