Don’t Make Spreadsheets Like This! Tips for Excel 2019 Mac & Windows

Earlier today I put together a video for my Excel Application Development students on how to spice up their boring old spreadsheet applications.

Here’s a short video explaining some of the techniques. Check out my YouTube channel for more tutorials and Excel videos.

How do I add a trendline in Excel? So much fun!

Earlier today I answered a question on Quora:

While the simplest answer is to click Add Chart Components > Trendline > More Trendline Options, I created a video to explain the whole process.

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Right Align Dates for Your Resume in Word

Job search experts suggest the dates on your resume should be right aligned.

This is easy to do with the right aligned tab feature in Microsoft Word. This works on both Mac and Windows, and works for almost all versions, even going back many versions.

If you can’t seem to get the knack of placing the tab marker, look for another video coming from me on using the tab settings for full control over tab settings in Word.