Excel Spreadsheet Training Provided by Black Ink Technical Training and E-learning Solutions

Hello everyone, and welcome to Black Ink Training. We are in the process of developing our online material for a number of applications, but we’ll be focusing on Excel and using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) first.

As a starting point, below is an older video I created for my computer students what explains the basics of using Excel. In the near future I’ll be updating the material and providing detailed training for Excel 2016 on both Mac and Windows platforms. This video is for Excel 2007, but the basics apply to all current versions of Excel as well as other spreadsheet applications such as Google Spreadsheets and even Apple Numbers.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_bahcLeAjY?feature=oembed]

If you have any Excel questions you want answered, post a comment.

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Get over 1 million rows in Excel

A lot of people complain that you can’t work with more than 1 million rows of data in Microsoft Excel. Well, now you can!

Using the Power Pivot plug in in Excel 2013 or the fully integrated Power Pivot tab in Excel 2016, Excel now has a powerful database infrastructure that easily handles many millions of rows stores inside the Data Model portion of the file. Your only limits are really just the amount of RAM and speed of your processor.